Joint use of market opportunities

Our strategy consists in entering into co-operations and consistently using synergy effects in order to successfully shape the future. For that reason, Temming GmbH & Co. KG co-operates with qualified manufacturers from Germany and Europe and successfully negotiates contracts for the products manufactured for our customers. We particularly make use of very good connections with Eastern Europe and China.

A proprietary production plant in Poland and close contacts with a selection of qualified foundries, forges, and other manufacturers allow us to handle order in a highly efficient manner. Depending on the requirements on material, individual weight, or lot size, the products requested are manufactured by suitable specialist providers using state-of-the-art processes. On site, the staff of Temming GmbH & Co. KG ensure that high quality standards and time schedules are complied with. Of course our manufacturers have the standard industry certifications. At the moment, we mainly work with producers from Poland (60%), other East European countries (20%), Austria (10%), and China (10%).

The customer base of Temming GmbH & Co. KG includes enterprises from the following industries: Manufacturers of agricultural machines, of axles and bodies for towed vehicles, of car and truck trailers, of hydraulics, and manufacturers from many other industries.